Managing Director


As we embark on this exciting journey of knowledge and discovery at Rainbow International School, I am thrilled to welcome each one of you. Education is not just about imparting facts; it's about shaping individuals who can make the world a better place. Our vision is rooted in values of equality, inclusivity, and a profound respect for diversity, for these are the bedrock of a thriving society.

At Rainbow, we've meticulously crafted a holistic education model. It's not just about textbooks and exams; it's about nurturing inquisitive minds, fostering self-discipline, and igniting creativity. We also place a strong emphasis on gender sensitivity and morality, ensuring that our students grow into compassionate and responsible individuals.

Our students are more than just learners; they are agents of change. We empower them to not just dream but to act, to not just observe but to influence the world around them. They're not passive observers; they're active participants in building a more equal, just, and sustainable world.

In this rapidly evolving educational landscape, we equip our students for the future. We blend the best of online learning with traditional classroom education, creating a dynamic learning environment. We encourage our students to take ownership of their learning journey, leveraging technology and other resources.

We believe that learning is a lifelong adventure, and we're here to lay a strong foundation for our students, one that will enable them to excel in their future endeavors. Our commitment is to prepare them for the world they'll step into - a world where skills, values, and adaptability are paramount. Rainbow International School is dedicated to this transformative mission.

The trust you've placed in us as students and parents fuels our determination to deliver exceptional education. We invite you to join hands with us, to collaborate in nurturing the young minds of our future global citizens, all while keeping the growth of our society and nation at the core of our hearts.

Welcome to Rainbow International School

Warm regards,

Mr. Aakash Nagare

Managing Director