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Academic Curriculum

Setting eyes on future goals

Children at the kindergarten level learn not just alphabet and numbers, but are nurtured physically, mentally and emotionally in a stress – free environment. Individual care is taken and the child is keenly observed to wave off any behavioural issues.

As they graduate to primary level, self learning becomes a way of life. Knowledge is not thrust upon them. They explore and develop the required skills for every subject. They develop reading habit which is dwindling these days. Once they read on their own, they're able to solve the worksheets which are a significant feature of our curriculum. From this stage, students are prepared and are exposed to various competitive exams.

Rainbow IIT Concept School students in the higher sections follow a very well-planned and scientific curriculum designed by senior faculty integrating CBSE and ICSE Syllabus along with regular SSC syllabus. Periodical examinations and tests are conducted to lay a strong foundation at this level that helps in confidence-building and better understanding of the subjects. To understand the scientific postulates better, Rainbow IIT Concept School has designed interactive and practical based learning that includes group discussion. Several projects are allotted to the students in groups. The team is asked to make a presentation in the classroom after completing the project.

The Science club and Mathematics club have been established to kindle the scientific temper in the students. Mathematics, Science exhibitions and seminars are organized by the members of these clubs for which students of other schools are also invited. Students are trained and encouraged to participate in Mathematics and Science Olympiad and other inter-school, district, state and national level competitions to bring out their innate talent. Special coaching is given to students appearing for the National Talent Search Examination. A senior facilitator is assigned the role of a mentor who analyses the weaknesses of the students under him/her and helps them to improve their performance.

Assessment and Evaluation

Well Prepared Well Attempted

Rainbow IIT Concept School has a well defined system of assessment and evaluation in place. Assessment at the kindergarten level is done on a day to day basis. The child is observed continuously and various skills in phonics, dramatics, manual dexterity and sensorial are assessed. The teacher also ensures that once the assessment is done, there is a gradual progress in the holistic development of the child.

Evaluation at the primary level focusses not only on written presentation of content but also on other areas of language development and projects. The overall personality of the child is assessed and scope and guidance is given for betterment. Every term has a Formative assessment and a Summative assessment. The slip tests and revision tests enable children to assimilate knowledge in small doses.

At the high school level, a senior facilitator is assigned to each group as a mentor. He analyses the challenges faced by the students under him and helps them to improve their performance. Specially designed set of question papers are given to the slow learners, and another set for the exceptionally talented. For the first time in the state, a dedicated online examination system has been evolved for the benefit of IIT Foundation students. The assessment of the progress made by the students is done scientifically using the latest technology. The evaluation records of the individuals are analysed from time to time to help the teachers chalk out a plan of action for the individual student's progress. The extended study hours after school hours are utilised by both day scholars and residential students.

Learning Resources

Keeping stride with modern technology and the trend of online competitive examinations, Rainbow IIT Concept School has a computer lab that has adequate number of computers with latest configuration and Internet accessibility. Students get a chance to be computer savvy and utilize facilities for interactive, learning and global accessibility. Similarly the language lab at Rainbow IIT Concept School helps the students' to grasp the nuance of English through interactive CDs available at the language lab. This helps the students improve their diction and phonetics and brightens the scope of successfully communicating in the highly competitive global scenario.

The treasure trove of any good quality institution is its library. Rainbow IIT Concept School has a well stocked library that has a collection of a wide range of reference books, periodicals and magazines on various subjects. Adequate reference material is available on IIT and Medical foundation programmes for higher class students. An exclusive section has been designed for story telling sessions for students of primary classes.

Rainbow IIT Concept School therefore, has made elaborate arrangements for the safe conveyance of day scholars. The bus fleet covers the entire city and thereby makes it convenient for parents to send their children to school on time and comfortably. This not only ensures a safe journey but also makes the travel to school and back very interesting.