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At Rainbow IIT Concept School, there is always something happening. Every event has significance and provides a platform for the child to excel. Parents also get an opportunity to associate with the school on these occasions. Some of the regular events are:

  • Investiture Ceremony
  • Independence Day
  • Celebration of various festivals like. Ramzan, Diwali, Christmas,etc.
  • Grand parents' Day
  • Teachers' Day
  • Children's Day
  • Annual Day
  • Sports Day
  • Republic Day
  • Math Expo.
  • Science Exhibition
  • Kids Convocation
  • Summer Camp, etc.
Co-Curricular Activities

The School gives equal importance to co-curricular and extra curricular activities to hone the latent talents of each child. Art and physical education are sewed within the regular time-table. The fun day (Saturday) is much awaited by the students who learn Karate, Dance, Music, Keyboard and Yoga. This apart, the child faces a different competition every month, mastering various skills unconsciously.