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Did you ever guess how long can the resources available on this earth exist? Can our mother earth accommodate the upcoming generation by giving shelter? What may happen to the human and other races in coming future? There are many other unsolved questions of this category. Giving food to the hungry young brains of the world NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) U.S.A conducts international space design contest every year.
Rainbow concept school provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potential.A fundamental goal of our school is to help students learn and thrive to the best of their abilities.We are committed to ensure that every student receives an education that enables them to attain the highest level of achievement possible.To improve the ethical standards in the field of education,to adopt a futuristic approach to promote traditional values amongst the younger generation. Rainbow concept school,as a residential school,must maintain a sharp focus on the pursuit of knowledge & skill.In particular,it must attain the highest academic standards.We have a blend of SSC & CBSC syllabus.