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Extra Curricular

A case of mind over matter

Rainbow IIT Concept School has always believed that training for self defence and life saving skill is a vital part of education. Students of lower classes are taught swimming in a specially designed toddler pool. Martial arts like karate, judo and taekwondo are not only taught to keep the student healthy but are also forms of self defence that are essential in the present circumstances. It is the training that gears the students to be mentally alert and physically fit. The institution also has plans to start NCC and NSS activities.

A play pen with activity area and sand pits has been allocated for tiny tots. They learn to make sand castles and play other skill games that help to develop their motor skills. The institution ensures that the students shape into healthy individuals through regular exercises and outdoor games. Coaching is also offered in individual sports like Chess, Table Tennis and other indoor and outdoor sports that are gaining popularity. Every year Sports Day is organised by the school to provide the students a chance to demonstrate their skills in various activities.

Students who show promise of becoming outstanding sports persons at district, state or national level are given special coaching and encouraged to pursue their skills. Our students have won laurels in games and sports, some students have even represented the school at district level.

The stump comes to life

The natural habitat is the victim of global modernisation. Ecological imbalance is the result and the threat of self destruction is looming large. It is imperative that we teach our children the significance of ecological balance, protecting the nature and thus protecting ourselves. Rainbow IIT Concept School lays emphasis on the need to preserve the flora and fauna. Children are taught to love and care for nature through social awareness activities. It is an integral part of teaching. They are also taken to the nearby localities and participate in socially relevant activities like cleaning the neighbourhood, planting trees, teaching in rural schools and so on. Senior students are motivated to take adult education classes. Campaigns are organised to create awareness among people about the need to ban harmful materials like plastics and other toxic items that can damage the environment.

Rainbow IIT Concept School inculcates in the children a feeling of compassion and fraternal love towards the destitute and the downtrodden in the society. Students are encouraged to give the needy a helping hand and help them in their rehabilitation as far as possible.