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About Management

The Pillar of Strength

Rainbow is an Educationist's dream that has taken the shape of reality. It is the brain child of Mr.Nagoor Babu's who had a vision of establishing an educational institution. Following the ideals and drawing inspiration, Mr.Nagoor Babu's set up Rainbow which revolutionized the education system in the state.

Students first trickled in, gradually this process turned into a steady flow and the school became schools with branches spreading to other cities in the state. He constantly endeavours to strike a balance between providing students the best of modern education of international standards while retaining the traditional Indian values. In this journey of over 15 years, he has seen the institution grow from strength to strength. The facilities, infrastructure and faculty are comparable to the best in these parts of the country. One thing that surpasses all these is his zeal and dedication which is the impetus to all associated with this portal of knowledge.

He is spearheading the reforms that are being brought about in the field of education taking together the students, parents, teachers and actively involving them in this endeavour with the destiny of the future to greater heights.