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Why Choose RBS


Quality in education ,Literacy and numeracy ,Developing a sense of Indian identity ,The place of the mother tongue in primary education ,The spiritual dimension in life ,The international and global dimensions of modern living ,The function of the curriculum in contributing to equality and fairness of access in education ,Partnership in education

Chairman's Message

Mr.Nagoor Babu

"When I see the students celebrating success, I am elated. Parents and teachers are partners in the success of this institution. I sincerely thank them for their unstinted support".

News & Events


Rainbow IIT Concept School aims to provide an ideal platform for students aiming to join reputed Engineering and Medical colleges in the country. As such, it has established Rainbow IIT Concept School. Children prepare for their next big milestones in comfortable air-conditioned classrooms to learn in a relaxed and stress-free environment. Over the years, Rainbow IIT Concept School